The simplest thing is the hardest to remember

One thing we all need on our PC is a good antivirus program. Why is it then that it is the one thing we more often then not forget to do. With this in mind here are links to a few free ones for you.

I have listed them here for you in order of my personal preferences:

  • AVG Free is one of the better ones out there. You have to deal with the advertising from AVG but only if you open the user interface and you can close the ad by clicking the “x” in the corner. It is self updating and will run on schedule as long as your computer is on.
  • Malwarebytes is an excellent tool for removing those pesky ones that the other antivirus programs miss. This program is a manual run program to use when you think your computer is running slower than usual and may have infections.
  • Spybot Search & Destroy this one can be a little harder to use but works great and can keep you clean of spyware.
  • Avast Free version many people swear by this one but I have found it to be as clunky as Norton or McAfee

I hope this helps!

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2 Responses to The simplest thing is the hardest to remember

  1. Look at Avast Free Version. Change the word “on” to “one”.

  2. Thanks for the help with the grammar John. I get going on these posts and sometimes forget to reread or spell check myself.