Monthly Archives: August 2013

Been gone it seems

Sorry for not having been in here posting to the blog on a regular basis but I keep most of the updates to the home page of the site so everyone and their mother can access the great information we put out.

Summer is almost over and things are running smooth. Soon we will get back to school and everyone should take the time to ensure that they have all the proper protection in place for keeping computers keep.

Take the time and ensure that your Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, and Anti-Malware software is up to date. Teach the kids safe surfing and inform them of the potential for every site to contain malicious software/coding and how it can ruin that great report they just put together because one of their friends wanted to show them a cool picture on a site. BAM VIRUS! BAM NO COMPUTER! Lets be safe and secure on the web so we get A’s not D’s.