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Server Rollout final phase

As we get closer and closer to the October 1 deadline to review your old emails on the old mail server I want to also remind you to move your address books if you have not yet. On the main page of this site I have given a brief and concise how to import/export your address book from the old server to the new. If you do not get this done before the first of October do not despair as it is not really going to be gone. In extreme cases I can turn the server back on temporarily to allow a customer to retrieve it before the server is done for good but I must stress that most everyone has had this opportunity to get it done by now and it should be finished.

I hope everyone is transitioning to the new services well and are happy so far. There is a suggestion box in the blog main page for anyone to ask for items to be added for the webmail or for the mail services and if you want to see anything in particular on the website.


Waypoint Communications

Server rollout continues

As we move closer to the 1st of October I wanted to congratulate all of you who successfully navigated the “How To” and changed your settings to the new server and to thank those of you who called for assistance for your patience with me as I helped you get set up.

At Midnight on September 30th the old mail server will be taken completely out of service. This means that the actual box will be shut down. Nothing will be removed from it just in case anyone desperately needs to get something they forgot off of it. We can fire it up during the next month (October Only) if need be but I am feeling that everyone will be settled in with the new server and running fine by then.