Been gone it seems

Sorry for not having been in here posting to the blog on a regular basis but I keep most of the updates to the home page of the site so everyone and their mother can access the great information we put out.

Summer is almost over and things are running smooth. Soon we will get back to school and everyone should take the time to ensure that they have all the proper protection in place for keeping computers keep.

Take the time and ensure that your Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, and Anti-Malware software is up to date. Teach the kids safe surfing and inform them of the potential for every site to contain malicious software/coding and how it can ruin that great report they just put together because one of their friends wanted to show them a cool picture on a site. BAM VIRUS! BAM NO COMPUTER! Lets be safe and secure on the web so we get A’s not D’s.

Server Rollout final phase

As we get closer and closer to the October 1 deadline to review your old emails on the old mail server I want to also remind you to move your address books if you have not yet. On the main page of this site I have given a brief and concise how to import/export your address book from the old server to the new. If you do not get this done before the first of October do not despair as it is not really going to be gone. In extreme cases I can turn the server back on temporarily to allow a customer to retrieve it before the server is done for good but I must stress that most everyone has had this opportunity to get it done by now and it should be finished.

I hope everyone is transitioning to the new services well and are happy so far. There is a suggestion box in the blog main page for anyone to ask for items to be added for the webmail or for the mail services and if you want to see anything in particular on the website.


Waypoint Communications

Server rollout continues

As we move closer to the 1st of October I wanted to congratulate all of you who successfully navigated the “How To” and changed your settings to the new server and to thank those of you who called for assistance for your patience with me as I helped you get set up.

At Midnight on September 30th the old mail server will be taken completely out of service. This means that the actual box will be shut down. Nothing will be removed from it just in case anyone desperately needs to get something they forgot off of it. We can fire it up during the next month (October Only) if need be but I am feeling that everyone will be settled in with the new server and running fine by then.

Server rollout!

This Saturday, September 1st, a new email server will be rolled out for Waypoint email customers as well as some of the domains that we serve. If you are a Waypoint customer it is important that you read this page for the changes that you need to make within your client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird) so that you can continue to receive new emails in your inbox. The old mail server will remain in operation for the rest of September to allow customers access to review emails they may have in there.

A link to the old mail server will be provided for customers in this site until October 1st. At which time the server will be taken out of service permanently.

We will be open on Saturday, September 1st to answer you calls and help with the transition to the new servers. It is recommended that you clean out your old inbox on the server prior to Saturday and by October 1st.

Thank you


New Mail Server Information

Starting the first weekend of September Waypoint will be rolling out the new mail server. Waypoint customer will receive letters by mail or email regarding this change and how to change their email clients to reflect the new server address. Watch you mail and email closely starting August 15.

Waypoint will keep its old email server running for 2 weeks after the roll out to allow customers to access older emails and cover the gap with customers changing their server addresses in the mail client.



Fans can watch every Olympic event live online.

Fans can watch every Olympic event live online
Associated Press By RACHEL COHEN | Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — Usain Bolt could be defending his Olympic 200-meter title on a Thursday afternoon in the United States.

Fans will be able to watch the race live online for the first time during this summer’s London Games, but what they’ll see is very different from the tape-delayed, prime-time package that will still air a few hours later.

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Courtesy of Yahoo and Associated Press

B&N, Microsoft team up on Nook, college businesses

Microsoft takes $300M stake in Barnes & Noble college, digital businesses; to set up new co.

NEW YORK (AP) — An infusion of money from Microsoft Corp. sent Barnes & Noble Inc.’s stock zooming Monday, as the software giant established a way to get back into the e-books business.

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Courtesy Yahoo and AP

Google launches storage service for personal files

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — Google is hoping to build the world’s largest digital filing cabinet in the latest attempt to deepen people’s dependence on its services.

The Internet search leader’s latest product stores personal documents, photos, videos and a wide range of other digital content on Google’s computers. By keeping files in massive data centers, users will be able to call up the information on their smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and just about any other Internet-connected device.


Adobe to launch new software suite for designers

NEW YORK (AP) — Adobe is launching the latest version of its software package for designers and Web developers.

Adobe Systems Inc. is set to announce CS6 on Monday at an event in San Francisco. Creative Suite 6 includes Photoshop, Illustrator and other programs aimed at designers.

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Google takes on Dropbox

Coming to a PC/Mac/Android/iOS near you is the latest in online storage.

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