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Basic Self Help Topics For Waypoint Users

If you wish to change your forwarding for your account you may click here and input your username (same as the one you use for your email client example: and you password then click the “Login” button. Then when you are in the page you click “Change your forward”. In the box provided you input where you want the mail forwarded to, then in the selection below you can leave the default setting which will keep a copy in your mail box (this will count towards your Quota) and send a forwarded copy, or you can have it only forward to the email address proved and not keep a copy (this is what the second radio button does). If you wish to stop forwarding you come back the this page again and delete the email address in the forwarding box and select the Deliver to the local mailbox setting. Each time you do this you must ensure to click the “Edit Alias” button to lock in your choice.

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Browsing websites

Checking your Waypoint e-mail from the web

Connecting to Waypoint using your computer

What can I do about viruses?

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