Server rollout!

This Saturday, September 1st, a new email server will be rolled out for Waypoint email customers as well as some of the domains that we serve. If you are a Waypoint customer it is important that you read this page for the changes that you need to make within your client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird) so that you can continue to receive new emails in your inbox. The old mail server will remain in operation for the rest of September to allow customers access to review emails they may have in there.

A link to the old mail server will be provided for customers in this site until October 1st. At which time the server will be taken out of service permanently.

We will be open on Saturday, September 1st to answer you calls and help with the transition to the new servers. It is recommended that you clean out your old inbox on the server prior to Saturday and by October 1st.

Thank you


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