We are currently experiencing issues with the email login redirect that was above the image. Our host has moved us to a new inhouse email program and did not provide the redirect code yet. As soon as the code has been made available to me I will update the link and put the login form back in above. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to get this issue resolved in a timely manner.

Update – January 14th, 3:45pm PDT: We have resolved the issues with the email services. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and are continuing to make our services better. Thank you for you patience while we fixed this issue.



CenturyLink blocks port 25 for email so make the following changes to your outgoing mail server settings:
Outgoing server name:
Outgoing server port in advanced settings : 587
Outgoing server security checked using TLS
This will allow you to send mail if you are having difficulties
We apologize for all the problems and hope this final fix for you that use Century Link as your ISP works as it is designed.

All email accounts have been recreated. For those clients who only used webmail we unfortunately are unable to transfer mail from your old account folder to the new folder do to a software corruption. The email is still there and if you wish to have it put on your computer, you can schedule to come by and have it transferred locally. All new mail that was sent to all of the email addresses affected will still be delivered providing the originating server does not its resend set for less than 7 days. In that event you will have to contact the originating person to resend the email.
If yours is still not accessible it means your password needs changed. If you know that your password is at least 8 characters or longer then we will not need to update it. Please do not try to update the password online as it can only be done through us via phone. Some of your settings need to be changed and you can click HERE and see what is different that you will need to change. Primarily will be the server name. If you are a hosted domain with email then your your server setting will be slightly different in that you will have to use mail.(then your domain after that) to get the incoming and outgoing settings correct. Please do not change your passwords yet.

The router has been repaired but some damage was done to the servers housing email and website contents. The data is safe and some sites are currently up. Email is being restored is batches. Some client side changes to your email programs will have to be made as well as some password update for those that had passwords less than 8 digits. As more items are restored we will report here. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working hard to get everything back the way it was.

All Waypoint Email customers and former DSL customers that wish to keep a Waypoint email address

Waypoint will still be providing Email services at a rate of $4/mo for those persons wishing to continue to receive emails with a address. As of October 1st, Waypoint will be shifting to the email address that customers previously used and/or are still receiving with. This change will affect your username and servers will be changed to reflect this accordingly. If you wish to continue to receive email service through us please an email to with the subject waypt email before September 30th so that you can get your changes in place for the transfer to the new domain name.

Thank you


If you have received a welcome letter or invoice from Olypen or are having problems with your DSL service please contact 1.800.303.8696 Waypoint DSL customers may also please go to THIS LINK for more information on your DSL service.

Thank you

Dial Up Customers

Due to an increase in cost to Waypoint and a decrease in the number of dial up users, Waypoint will no longer be providing dial up services. You can use many free local dialup services.

No Charge Dial up – or search for a service in your area that will work –

We regret having to make this decision but to provide great service at a great price and continuing to utilize dial up does not fit in that category.


New local business starting up


PNWSFX – Pacific Northwest Special Effects is starting up and getting some momentum going. They specialize in Cosplay (Costume Play) props, costumes and makeup but is willing to try anything related to special effects. Check out their Facebook and Twitter

Vern Howard



There is a new scam targeting older tech users that claims to be support techs from Microsoft. They claim that your computer is infected and is causing problems with their servers. Microsoft will never ever do anything like this. If this happens to you tell the caller that you will check with your local computer service tech and then hang up. Again Microsoft will never call you and complain that you are doing anything to their servers. Microsoft would contact the internet service carrier and then they would contact Waypoint directly.

Waypoint Mobile

Waypoint is currently working on updating its mobile site settings and should have that working soon. In the mean time you should be able to see our regular site on your mobile devices.


Today, Tuesday April 8th, marks the day that Windows XP support from Microsoft ends. In a nutshell what this means is that they will no longer be providing any form of updates for that operating system nor will they do an driver or Office updates for it. If you have further questions or need a more thorough explanation please head over to the Windows XP support information page and read their announcement. We hope this helps you, our customers and friends understand how this affects you.Waypoint Support


Some of you have received an email from what appears to be and it is not. The email looks like the following

Dear User,

“Our records indicate that your account has not yet been updated as part of
our regular account maintenance.Also,in order to prevent unwanted spyware
and bots, your account will be suspended,if not updated.  You have to
update your account via the link  below.

If you do not verify your account now, You serve the risk of losing your
account soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for using!

The Team”

This is not from Waypoint and should be deleted immediately.

Pricing Changes

Due to an increase in operating costs our computer repair and consulting costs are changing. Please go to the Computer service section to see the change in costs.

Message Bounces

Occasionally you will get a phone call from a friend or client or relative that they are getting their emails bounced back. If this happens please have them go to this page and read this:

“Typically at the top of the email is the specific reason for the bounce. If it says it cannot be delivered because of a full mailbox let the person you are sending it to know so they can clean out the server inbox to make room. Otherwise there should be a link to what is going on and what steps you can do to fix the issue.”




Currently there is another one of those fake emails saying it is from Waypoint asking you to click a link in the message. PLEASE DO NOT CLICK AND DELETE THE EMAIL IMMEDIATELY!

The email looks very similar to the one below


An Attempt has been made to login from a new computer. For the security of your account, we are poised to open a query. Kindly Click Here for good security practice. Do not ignore this message to avoid termination of your webmail account.

Waypoint Administration

Waypoint will never contact you in this manner regarding your account.


What is “Ransomeware”? It is the newest virus to come out and it wants to hold your computer hostage until you pay the virus writers to remove it. There is a better solution. Get protected before hand. Here is a great article from Microsoft about it and links to their anti-virus software. Microsoft Security Info

Waypoint uses and endorses AVG for anti-virus solutions.

Everyone has their own favorites but remember that all AV solutions are only 99% effective. Less so if you do not keep the software and definitions up to date.


There is a SCAM going around that involves a call from a private number but they usually claim to be from Microsoft and the callers have a variety of nationalities and the first thing they usually tell you is that your computer is sending error messages to their servers and they direct you to either a website or attempt to have you allow access remotely to them for “repairs”. If this happens to you please just hang up on them. No legitimate company such as Microsoft would do this nor would Waypoint. This is a scam and an attempt to gain control of your computer. AGAIN IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU JUST HANG UP.

Waypoint Administrator

Self Help

Clicking on the Support menu above and clicking on Help Desk can take you to a section with some easy to follow self help instructions.


There is another email out there phishing for your account information. If you receive the email shown below please discard it.


From: Admin Technical Team []
Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2012 5:26 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:

—- Technical Services—–

Dear: Subscriber,

This message is from messaging centre to all webmail
users. You have exceeded your email quota limit of 450MB, and you are there
by advice to expand your email quota limit within 48 hours. You need to
upgrade your email quota limit to 6.5GB in order to ensure that you do not
experience service Interruption, you must reply to this email immediately by
providing your account details as stated in the below link.

Failure to submit your user name and password will render your email address
in-active from our database.

Thank you for using our web-mail.

Checkout new features and enhancements with our newly improved and secured

Note: it will not cost you anything to upgrade your webmail.

—-Copyright C 1997-2011 Webmail Technical Services!. All rights

Waypoint Winter Hours

Waypoint hours have changed for the Winter. Please check here for the changes.



Please click on the link below to read how to change the settings on your email client (Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail). This also affects customers who are using Gmail to fetch Waypoint Email.

How to change the settings on your computer to connect to the new server.

Please read this post for more information regarding the server roll out.

Questions? Call today for more information 360-385-6003


A few tips for using Excel shortcuts from our friends over at Yahoo.

Excel shortcuts at Yahoo Blogs

And another from our good friend Bill S.

Excel Shortcuts You Probably Didn’t Know


Want to know just how much spam is actually getting blocked and rejected by us? Check Guardian or Gateway to see our spam filters at work!

Around Town

New events for this weekend highlighted on this page. Head on over here to check it out.




Just a reminder to all email users that the phishing emails are still floating around. Waypoint will NEVER send you an email asking you to reset your email settings. This is always done only at your request and via phone or in person. If you receive an email like this please delete it right away and also clear it from your “Deleted Items” folder. We do apologize for this continued inconvenience and are working hard and catching them all before they arrive in your inbox.

Welcome to the new Waypoint Website!

Please look around and get a feel for the new layout. We will welcome all feedback and suggestions you may have. If you want to have something included send us an idea here and we will happily read them and if they are something that everyone could use then we will certainly add it. Thanks for being a patron of Waypoint.


Follow this link about the current phishing emails that are circulating.

Waypoint Blog

Waypoint has started a blog that talks about a great many things related to computers, websites and more. Visit it here and see if anything helps.

Spring/Summer Hours Update

Our office hours will be changing for the Spring/Summer soon. Please Click here to view the current office hours.

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