Defragmenting and disk space

Most of us think of disk space as memory. This is not true. Disk space is storage area and memory is RAM. The more RAM you have the faster information can travel between your hard drive and the cpu. The more disk space you have the more information you can store (ie music video games pictures.) One thing we must remember is that the more information we put on our hard drives the more space we use up and the more fragmented the data becomes.

One simple thing to remember is keep at least 25% of your space on your hard drive open so that an effective defragmenting can take place when you need it. Also remember to defragment the drive after installing new software or deleting old software. This will keep your drive healthy and make the system run faster.

Windows defragmenter can be found under:
All Programs > Accessories >System Tools

Lets add one more item to the to-do list before defragmenting your drive. Open your My computer icon and right click your main hard drive marked with the C: and choose properties from the pop up menu and then click on the Disk Cleanup button. When the dialogue box comes up as to what to clean up make certain that the check boxes next to Office installation files, Compress old files and Catalog for indexing is “UNCHECKED” we do not want to clean those up at all. Then hit the okay button and say okay to the verify box. When this operation completes continue to the defragmenting portion listed above.

Self care of you computer can save you lots of money in the long run from taking it to a PC tech for service.

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