Computer knowledge

One thing I am asked on an almost daily basis is “How did you learn so much about computers?

Practice, reading and repetition. Yes I went to school for a degree in Information Technologies: Network Engineering but most of my knowledge is hands on work.

If you are interested in learning about your computer or the programs installed you can simply “Google “what you are looking for and get the answer you need.

One place I do recommend is the HP Learning Center. They offer a variety of beginner to expert level FREE courses that average about 6 weeks long.

Take a look there and see if you can maybe get a leg up on your neighbor.

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2 Responses to Computer knowledge

  1. Change the word “simple” to “simply” and put Google in quotes since you are using it as a verb instead of a noun in this case.

  2. Thanks for the help with the grammar John. I get going on these posts and sometimes forget to reread or spell check myself.