An email note

Most of us use email in one form or another. Be it Gmail, Yahoo, WLM or an ISP. The one thing all of these have in common is SPAM. More often than not we think of spam as the garbage emails which annoy us to no end. And then we also wonder why some of our regular mail ends up in the SPAM folder.

Regular emails can end up in the spam folder for one or more of many reasons:

  • Too much HTML code in the message can trigger false positives.
  • Too many recipients and its thought of as SPAM.
  • Specific words or phrases that most spam filters look for are used and it gets pigeonholed.

To fight off most of these errors the easiest way is to add the sender to your contacts list or safe-senders list. You can also click a button or check a box that says “Not Spam” and it will be sent to your inbox or marked as safe for future emails. Any way you look at most of the errors are due to the person sending it and hitting on tags that say it may be spam.

As a provider I am often called upon to find out where an email went to. More often than not its in their SPAM folder and they just need to mark the sender as safe.

Hope this little tidbit helps.

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2 Responses to An email note

  1. Check the paragraph starting “To fight of most…”. Should it read “To fight off most of these errors, the easiest way is to add the sender to your contacts list or safe-senders list.”? The key words are off and senders. It will look more professional to have the wording correct.

  2. Thanks for the help with the grammar John. I get going on these posts and sometimes forget to reread or spell check myself.