Just Show Me from Tecca TV

New from Yahoo is this series from Tecca TV called “Just Show Me”. Currently they have some great how-to’s  for Mac users.

Check it out here!

Firewall and you!

There has been many questions to me about whether a customer should get a 3rd party software firewall or not. I say NO!

Let me explain. First off you have a decent firewall built into the system from Windows. You may scoff at this but i guarantee its easier to configure Windows firewall than a third party one and its FREE!

Now as you may not know this your computer is usually behind 2 or 3 firewalls anyway. First you have an electromechanical firewall in your modem and then another one in your NIC (Network Interface Card/Connection the place you plug the wire in from your modem). There is a hardware to software translation that takes effect when the information comes into you. More often then not if you get a virus the firewall is gonna mean nothing because the virus will open ports in the firewall and allow data to be accessed.

More than anything you need AV protection. Let the Windows firewall do its job and get a good Anti-Virus program.

Twitter posts to Facebook

Want to post from Twitter to your Facebook? Here is how!

  1. Log into you Twitter account.
  2. Click on the user icon in the upper right of the page and choose settings.
  3. On the left hand side choose Profile.
  4. At the bottom of your profile setting on the right side of the screen you will see a button to link Facebook and Twitter. Click and follow the on screen prompts and you will soon be Tweeting to Facebook

Enjoy and TWEET ON!

Phishing from Waypoint?

Getting some aggravating phishing emails that look like they come from Waypoint? These are very annoying and if you click on a link in the email or download and open any attachments you can potentially get a virus.

How to check if its really from Waypoint:
Here is a quick how to see the background of the email so you can see if it is really from us at Waypoint.

  1. Right click the message in the list for whichever mailbox it is in (Junk/Inbox) and choose Message options or Message Properties.
  2. In a small box at the bottom of the pane you should see header information that you normally cannot see. If the originating email address is from “someone@waypoint.com then there should be a corresponding ip address that goes with it. We will not give you our ip address here as we do not openly share that but below is an example of one that is “NOT” from Waypoint:
Received: from  by mx-c1.talktalk.net
From: <sales1@waypoint.com>
To: <billing@waypoint.com>
Subject: Re: Your Flight F 99-612900
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2012 12:43:33 +0700

This one is actually from a domain known as talktalk.net but the email address they used in the from line is listed as waypoint.com.
If you see this please copy and paste the entire contents of that little box into an email for support@waypoint.com and we can track and block this.

Thanks for being a loyal Waypoint customer. We are striving to be the best independent ISP on the Olympic Peninsula.

Know how to hack a video game console?

Know how to hack a video game console? The U.S. Navy wants you!

For players just looking to have a good time when gaming online, hackers are a major nuisance. But regardless of how frustrating playing against someone with an unfair advantage can be, the practice of game console hacking has apparently caught the eye of the United States military.

Read more here.

Courtesy of Yahoo News

Lenovo’s new IdeaTab

Kristen Nicole over at Android Apps reports on Lenovo’s new IdeaTab. Click here to read more.

AOL to sell over 800 patents

AOL to sell over 800 patents to Microsoft

Yahoo and the AP are reporting that AOL is selling over 800 patents to Microsoft. To read more on this story click here

Regulators push for online “do not track” system

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. regulators pushed Internet companies on Monday to adopt a “Do Not Track” system that would give consumers more control over their personal data online, and asked Congress to pass privacy legislation.

Read the full story here.

Looking for Easter fun?

If you own a smartphone and are looking for something fun for Easter to put on your device check out this app.

Adorable iPhone apps for family-friendly Easter fun!

Windows 8 is coming.

Coming soon to a PC or Tablet near you!

Windows 8 has been released as an RC (release candidate) version to developers and some users to use and review to help the Windows team get things right.

Here are some links to reviews that may help you decide if you want to update or wait.



After I get a chance to play around with it for awhile I will put in my own 2 cents in a follow-up to this post.