Waypoint Anti-Virus Help
Greetings Waypoint Users,

This message has been posted by Waypoint Communications, Inc. in an effort to warn our clients about e-mail viruses. These viruses use e-mail, in the form of an attachment as a means of spreading themselves. In order to help protect our users from these potentially damaging files, Waypoint has blocked such files from being delivered to our users.

It is important to mention that your best protection against viruses is to use virus protection software, and to keep it updated with current virus definition files. Waypoint does not endorse, nor is it affiliated with any particular Virus Protection Software manufacture, but we do use both AVG AntiVirus, and SpyBot Search & Destroy software on our office machines with good success.

This link has information and tools on how to remove the most recent viruses;
Virus FAQ's


Suggested Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware Software

SpyBot Search and Destroy

AVG Anti-Virus


Thank You...

Please send questions/feedback to;
Waypoint Support
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